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eagle-eyed having extremely good vision; keen-sighted.
eagle ray any of a family of marine rays with a sharp, eaglelike head, able to glide very swiftly through the water.
Eagle Scout the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. [2 definitions]
eaglet a young eagle.
-ean a variant of -an.
ear1 the organ of hearing in man and vertebrate animals. [4 definitions]
ear2 the seed-bearing part of a plant such as corn. [2 definitions]
earache a persisting pain in the middle or inner ear.
earbud earphones that fit into the outer ear canal.
eardrum a membrane that separates the middle ear from the outer ear and that vibrates when sound waves strike it. (See tympanic membrane.)
eared seal any of a family of seals, including fur seals and sea lions, with powerful front flippers, and hind flippers that permit locomotion on land.
earflap on a cap, a flap that can be turned down to protect the ears.
earful (informal) a great amount of spoken information or gossip, sometimes of a startling sort. [2 definitions]
earl a British nobleman who is ranked above a viscount and below a marquis.
earlap an earflap, as on a cap. [2 definitions]
earless seal any of a family of seals with inconspicuous ears, short front flippers, and rudimentary hind flippers that are best adapted for swimming.
earlier comparative of early. [2 definitions]
earliest superlative of early.
earlobe the fleshy lower part of the ear.
early in the first stage of a time period. [10 definitions]
Early American of or characteristic of the colonial and post-colonial periods of U.S. history, esp. of the furniture, utensils, quilts, and other handicrafts produced during this time.