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earlier comparative of early. [2 definitions]
earliest superlative of early.
earlobe the fleshy lower part of the ear.
early in the first stage of a time period. [10 definitions]
Early American of or characteristic of the colonial and post-colonial periods of U.S. history, esp. of the furniture, utensils, quilts, and other handicrafts produced during this time.
early bird one who gets up early in the morning. [2 definitions]
Early Modern English the spoken and written English of about the mid-fifteenth to mid-eighteenth centuries.
Early Precambrian see Archean.
earmark a particular quality or trait that distinguishes a person or thing from others. [4 definitions]
earmuffs a pair of protective pads joined by an adjustable headband and worn over the ears, as against cold.
earn to receive in return for work or service. [4 definitions]
earnest1 having or showing a serious intention or manner. [3 definitions]
earnest2 a partial payment from a buyer to confirm a purchase agreement. [2 definitions]
earnings money received as pay; wages. [2 definitions]
earphone the part of a telephone, radio set, music player or the like that fits over or into the ear for receiving sound.
earplug a rubber or plastic plug that fits into the ear opening to deaden sound or keep out water.
earring an ornament worn on the earlobe.
ear shell the ear-shaped shell of the abalone.
earshot the distance or range over which a voice or other sound can be heard.
earsplitting loud and shrill enough to be painful to the ears.
earth (often cap.) the fifth largest planet in the solar system, which is third in order from the sun and has a diameter of about 7,930 miles. [4 definitions]