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Eastern Standard Time the standard time used in the eastern region of the United States, five hours behind Greenwich time.
Easter rabbit see Easter bunny.
Eastertide the season of or period following Easter.
East Germany formerly, a European country between West Germany and Poland, in 1990 reunited with West Germany; German Democratic Republic.
East India Company see British East India Company. [2 definitions]
East Indies the Malay Archipelago, esp. Indonesia; East India.
east-northeast a point on the compass halfway between east and northeast. [2 definitions]
east-southeast a point on the compass halfway between east and southeast. [2 definitions]
East Timor a country in Southeast Asia that consists mainly of the eastern part of the island of Timor, which it shares with the nation of Indonesia.
eastward toward the east. [3 definitions]
eastwardly toward the east. [2 definitions]
easy not hard or difficult. [7 definitions]
easy chair a large thickly upholstered armchair.
easygoing not worried or rushed; not easily upset; relaxed; calm; placid. [2 definitions]
eat to consume (food) through the mouth. [7 definitions]
eatable suitable for eating; edible. [2 definitions]
eat crow (informal) to back down, as from a strongly held position, and thereby be humiliated.
eaten past participle of eat.
eatery (informal) a café, diner, or restaurant.
eat humble pie to be humbled, esp. by having to apologize for one's own obvious mistake or misbehavior.
eating the act of one that eats. [4 definitions]