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eastwardly toward the east. [2 definitions]
easy not hard or difficult. [7 definitions]
easy chair a large thickly upholstered armchair.
easygoing not worried or rushed; not easily upset; relaxed; calm; placid. [2 definitions]
eat to consume (food) through the mouth. [7 definitions]
eatable suitable for eating; edible. [2 definitions]
eat crow (informal) to back down, as from a strongly held position, and thereby be humiliated.
eaten "Eaten" is the past participle of "eat."
eatery (informal) a café, diner, or restaurant.
eat humble pie to be humbled, esp. by having to apologize for one's own obvious mistake or misbehavior.
eating the act of one that eats. [4 definitions]
eat one's words1 to retract what one has said.
eat one's words2 to admit that something one said was wrong.
eat out to have dinner at a restaurant, as opposed to eating at home.
eats (informal) food.
eat up to finish eating, or to eat the entire amount of something, often quickly. [5 definitions]
eau de Cologne cologne.
eau de vie water of life (French); brandy, esp. a colorless distillation of a fruit other than the grape.
eave (usu. pl.) the lower part of a roof projecting beyond the wall of a building.
eavesdrop to listen secretly to others' private conversation.
ebb the retreating or flowing back of a tidal flow from the land to the sea; ebb tide. [4 definitions]