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efficiency the state of being efficient. [3 definitions]
efficiency apartment a small, sometimes furnished apartment usu. containing one large room with a kitchenette and an attached bathroom.
efficient operating or performing in an effective and competent manner, with little waste of effort or resources. [2 definitions]
effigy a likeness of a person, usu. sculpted, as on a tomb. [2 definitions]
effloresce to flower vigorously; bloom. [2 definitions]
efflorescence the condition, time, or process of blooming or flowering. [5 definitions]
effluence the act or process of flowing out. [2 definitions]
effluent flowing forth. [3 definitions]
effluvium an outflow of usu. invisible, foul-smelling vapor or gas.
effort the exertion of physical or mental energy. [4 definitions]
effortless requiring or appearing to require little or no effort; easy.
effrontery shameless impudence; insolence. [2 definitions]
effulgent shining brightly; radiant; brilliant.
effuse to pour or spread out; emit; circulate. [4 definitions]
effusion a pouring or flowing out, or the fluid that does so. [2 definitions]
effusive expressing emotions at undue length or intensity. [2 definitions]
eft a newt.
-efy a variant of -fy.
e.g. abbreviation of "exempli gratia" (Latin); for example.
egad (old fashioned) a mild oath used to express surprise or enthusiasm.
egalitarian of, pertaining to, based on, or characterized by belief in the principle of equal rights for everyone. [2 definitions]