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eglantine the sweet brier, a wild rose.
ego the self, as distinguished from other persons and the external world. [5 definitions]
egocentric regarding oneself as the subject, object, and standard of all things. [3 definitions]
egoism the tendency to evaluate everything in relation to one's own interests; self-centeredness. (Cf. altruism.) [3 definitions]
egoist a self-centered or selfish person. [2 definitions]
egoistic of, pertaining to, or based on egoism. [2 definitions]
egoless combined form of ego.
egomania obsessive interest in oneself.
egotism excessive self-promotion; boastfulness or conceitedness. [2 definitions]
egotist a conceited person; braggart. [2 definitions]
egotistic conceited and boastful; excessively self-promoting. [2 definitions]
egotistical conceited and boastful; excessively self-promoting. [2 definitions]
egregious remarkably bad; flagrant; glaring.
egress an act, instance, method, or place of exit or emergence. [2 definitions]
egret any of several usu. white herons that grow long, drooping plumes in breeding season. [2 definitions]
Egypt a North African country on the Mediterranean and Red Seas; Arab Republic of Egypt.
Egyptian of or pertaining to Egypt or its people, culture, or the like. [4 definitions]
Egyptology the study of ancient Egyptian artifacts, culture, history, or the like.
eh used to ask for confirmation or reiteration.
EHF abbreviation of "extremely high frequency."
eider any of several large ducks of northern seas that yield down that is often used as a filling for pillows, quilts, and the like.