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eightieth indicating rank or position between seventy-ninth and eighty-first. [3 definitions]
eight-track tape a magnetic-tape cartridge with four pairs of stereo tracks of prerecorded sound, popular in the United States from the mid-sixties to the early eighties.
eighty the number represented by the Arabic numeral 80 and by the Roman numeral LXXX. [5 definitions]
eikon variant of icon.
Einsteinian of or concerning Einstein or his work, esp. the theories of relativity.
einsteinium a synthetic radioactive chemical element that has ninety-nine protons in each nucleus. (symbol: Es)
either one or the other of two. [5 definitions]
ejaculate to discharge (semen). [2 definitions]
ejaculation the act, an instance, or the process of ejaculating, esp. semen. [2 definitions]
ejaculatory of, for, or capable of ejaculating. [2 definitions]
eject to expel forcefully. [3 definitions]
ejecta material thrown out, as from a volcano.
ejectable combined form of eject.
ejection seat a seat designed to eject from an aircraft during an emergency and parachute to the ground with its occupant.
eke to obtain or earn (a living or existence) with great effort (usu. fol. by "out'). [2 definitions]
EKG abbreviation of "electrocardiogram," the graphic pattern traced by an electrocardiograph, which shows electrical activity in the heart muscles and which is used to diagnose heart ailments or malfunction.
ekistics (used with a sing. verb) the study of human settlements, including their history and design, and community planning.
el (informal) an elevated railroad.
elaborate planned or carried out with great care and attention to numerous parts or details. [5 definitions]
elaboration the act or an instance of adding elaborative material or detail, or the material or detail so added. [2 definitions]
Úlan enthusiasm or vigor. [2 definitions]