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electro- electricity.
electrocardiogram the graphic pattern traced by an electrocardiograph, which shows electrical activity in the heart muscles and which is used to diagnose heart ailments or malfunction; EKG; ECG; cardiogram.
electrocardiograph a galvanometer that detects and makes a graphic record of electric activity in the heart muscles, used to detect and diagnose heart disease or malfunction.
electrocautery the sealing of tissue by an instrument that uses an electric current to produce heat; used, for example, to stop bleeding.
electrochemistry the branch of chemistry that deals with the production of electricity by chemical changes and vice versa.
electroconvulsive therapy see "electroshock therapy."
electrocute to kill by electricity, esp. to execute (a condemned prisoner) by electricity, as in an electric chair.
electrode a solid conductor through which an electric current enters or exits from an electric or electronic device. [2 definitions]
electrodynamics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics that deals with the relationship between electric, magnetic, and mechanical phenomena.
electroencephalogram the graphic pattern recorded by an electroencephalograph of electric activity in the brain; EEG.
electroencephalograph an instrument that measures and records electric activity in the brain.
electroless combined form of electro.
electrologist one who is trained in the use of electrolysis to remove body hair, moles, and warts.
electrolysis chemical change produced by the passage of electric current through an electrolyte. [2 definitions]
electrolyte a conducting solution in which the movement of non-metallic ions accompanies a flow of electric current. [2 definitions]
electrolytic of, from, or pertaining to electrolysis. [2 definitions]
electrolyze to subject to electrolysis.
electromagnet a magnet in which an iron or steel core is magnetized by the electric current in the coil of insulated wire wound around it.
electromagnetic of or pertaining to an electromagnet or electromagnetism.
electromagnetics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics that concerns the relationship between magnetism and electricity; electromagnetism.
electromagnetic spectrum the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies from radio, the lowest, to gamma rays, the highest.