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empiricism the philosophy, doctrine, or belief that all knowledge is based on experience, esp. of the senses. [3 definitions]
emplace to put into place.
emplacement a space or platform on which to position a gun or a battery of guns. [2 definitions]
emplane variant of enplane.
employ to make use of; use. [4 definitions]
employable combined form of employ.
employee someone who works for a person or business in return for wages or other compensation.
employer a person or organization that employs others, usu. for payment.
employment an instance or act of employing. [3 definitions]
emporium a major trading center. [2 definitions]
empower to grant legal power or authority to; authorize. [2 definitions]
empowering giving power, confidence, or authority.
empowerment the act of granting rights or legal authority to people within a society. [2 definitions]
empress the supreme female ruler of an empire. [2 definitions]
empty holding, having, or containing nothing; lacking the customary or appropriate contents. [10 definitions]
empty calories food or drink that provides calories but little or no nutritional value.
empty-handed having nothing to offer. [2 definitions]
empty-headed lacking intelligence or common sense; frivolous, silly, or scatterbrained.
empty out to become empty. [3 definitions]
empurple to color or become purple.
empyreal of or relating to the heavens; empyrean. [2 definitions]