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encephalon the brain.
encephalopathy a disease of the brain, esp. a chronic degenerative disease.
enchain to bind or restrain with, or as though with, chains. [2 definitions]
enchant to put under a magic spell, or as if under a magic spell; bewitch. [2 definitions]
enchanter one who casts a magic spell; sorcerer; magician. [2 definitions]
enchanting charming, fascinating, or bewitching.
enchantment a magic incantation, charm, or spell, or an instance of casting such. [3 definitions]
enchantress a woman who can bewitch or work magic; sorceress. [2 definitions]
enchase to set with gems, or to put (gems) in an ornamental setting. [2 definitions]
enchilada a rolled and stuffed tortilla served with a chili sauce.
encina an evergreen oak of the southwestern United States that is often cultivated as a shade tree.
encipher to write (something) in code. (Cf. decipher.)
encircle to form a circle around; surround.
enclave a small territory or country mostly or completely surrounded by another. [2 definitions]
enclitic of or denoting an unstressed word that is usu. used only in combination or close connection with other words, as "'em" in "Let's get 'em." [2 definitions]
enclose to close in or shut in, as with walls or a container. [3 definitions]
enclosure something that surrounds an area of land, such as a fence or wall, or the land so surrounded. [3 definitions]
encode to convert into code. (Cf. decode.) [2 definitions]
encomiast a person who composes a formal expression of high praise; eulogist.
encomium a formal expression of praise.
encompass to surround or enclose. [2 definitions]