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encomium a formal expression of praise.
encompass to surround or enclose. [2 definitions]
encore once more; again (as a call by an audience for a continuation of a performance). [3 definitions]
encounter to meet or come upon, esp. suddenly or by chance. [6 definitions]
encourage to arouse feelings of hope or courage in; give confidence to; hearten. [4 definitions]
encouragement the act of encouraging or condition of being encouraged. [2 definitions]
encouraging arousing feelings of hope or courage. [2 definitions]
encroach to exceed the established, previously known, or intended limits, usu. gradually. [3 definitions]
encroachment the act of exceeding proper or intended limits, as of territory or property. [2 definitions]
en croûte in a crust, esp. wrapped in pastry and baked.
encrust to cover with, or as though with, a crust.
encrusted covered with a hard or crisp layer of something.
encrypt to put (information) into a code, thus protecting it from being read and understood by those not authorized to have access to the information.
encumber to burden, as a heavy load or an obligation. [2 definitions]
encumbrance something or someone that hinders or burdens; impediment. [2 definitions]
-ency condition, act, or quality.
encyclical in the Roman Catholic Church, a letter from the Pope to the bishops stating a rule or papal opinion on a specific subject. [2 definitions]
encyclopedia a book or set of books containing articles on a wide variety of subjects, or on many aspects of one subject, usu. arranged in alphabetical order.
encyst to enclose in, form, or become enclosed in a cyst.
end either extreme point of anything that has length. [18 definitions]
endamoeba any of various one-celled organisms parasitic to invertebrates, one of which causes dysentery in humans; entamoeba.