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energize to inspire, make active, or infuse with energy. [3 definitions]
energy the power or capacity for activity. [4 definitions]
energy-saving of or pertaining to a device or process that uses energy efficiently.
enervate to take away the strength or vitality of; weaken.
en famille (French) in one's family; informally.
enfant terrible (French) an undisciplined, spoiled child. [2 definitions]
enfeeble to take away the strength of; make feeble, as from age or disease.
enfilade gunfire directed along the entire length of a military target, such as a line of soldiers. [3 definitions]
enfold to place within a covering; envelop. [2 definitions]
enforce to compel compliance with or obedience to. [3 definitions]
enforceable combined form of enforce.
enforcement the act or process of enforcing.
enfranchise to give the rights of a citizen to, esp. the right to vote. [2 definitions]
Eng. abbreviation of "England" or "English."
engagé committed and involved, esp. in support of an aim or cause.
engage to obtain or use the service of; employ. [10 definitions]
engaged busy; employed; involved. [4 definitions]
engagement the act of engaging or state of being engaged. [4 definitions]
engaging charming; pleasing; attractive.
en garde on guard (French); the opening position in fencing from which one must either attack or defend. [2 definitions]
engender to create or give rise to. [2 definitions]