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environmentally-conscious marked by or showing concern for the health of the natural environment.
environmentally-friendly of or pertaining to a product or process that causes minimal harm to the environment.
environmentally-responsible of or pertaining to actions that cause minimal harm to the environment. [2 definitions]
environs surrounding areas, esp. the outlying districts of a city.
envisage to imagine; foresee.
envision to picture or visualize in the mind; imagine.
envoi the final stanza of some poems, such as ballades, which summarizes or dedicates the poem.
envoy an agent or messenger, esp. a diplomat.
envy the desire for someone else's possessions, advantages, or qualities, or the feeling of resentment or unhappiness that accompanies this feeling. [4 definitions]
enwrap to surround completely; enclose; envelop. [2 definitions]
enwreathe to surround or encompass with or as if with a wreath.
enzymatic of, relating to, or produced by an enzyme.
enzyme any of a large number of proteins that act as catalysts for chemical reactions within living things.
enzymology the scientific study of enzymes, their properties, and their functions.
eo- primeval; early.
Eocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch between the Paleocene and Oligocene of the Tertiary Period, from approximately 54 million to 38 million years ago, when modern mammals became dominant. [2 definitions]
EOE abbreviation of "equal opportunity employer."
eolian of sand or rock matter, carried, produced, or formed by the wind.
eolithic of, relating to, or designating the earliest period of human culture, characterized by the first use of stone tools.
eon in geology, the longest division of time, encompassing two or more eras. [2 definitions]
eosin a red crystalline powder, used in staining tissues for microscopic viewing, in coloring gasoline, and in ink manufacturing.