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Eris in Greek mythology, the goddess of conflict or discord; Discordia.
Eritrea a country on the Red Sea, bordered by Sudan and Ethiopia; formerly a province of Ethiopia.
Erlenmeyer flask a conical laboratory flask with a broad, flat base and a short, narrow neck, used to mix liquids by hand.
ermine any of various weasels of northern regions that have white coats with black tail tips in the winter. [2 definitions]
erne any of several European sea eagles.
Ernest Hemingway U.S. fiction writer who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 (b.1899--d.1961).
erode to slowly wear away, eat into, or destroy by the action of friction, or as if by friction. [3 definitions]
erogenous tending to arouse sexual desire or result in sexual gratification when stimulated.
Eros in Greek mythology, the god of love; Cupid; Amor. [4 definitions]
erosion the process or condition of eroding. [2 definitions]
erosive tending to cause erosion.
erotic of or pertaining to sexual love. [3 definitions]
erotica (used with a sing. or pl. verb) books, pictures, and the like that tend to arouse sexual feelings; erotic literature or art.
eroticism sexual or erotic quality or character. [2 definitions]
eroticize to arouse sexually, or to make erotic.
erotogenic extremely sensitive to sexual stimulation; erogenous.
erotomania sexual desire that is abnormally strong and prolonged.
err to make a mistake. [3 definitions]
errand a quick journey or side trip taken to fulfill a particular purpose. [2 definitions]
errant traveling without a fixed course or direction; wandering. [2 definitions]
errata pl. of erratum.