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estrous cycle the cycle of chemical and physiological changes in female mammals from one period of estrus and ovulation to the next.
estrus the recurrent period of heat or sexual excitement in female mammals, during which the female will mate with the male.
estuary the wide part of a river's lower end, where it meets the tides of the sea. [2 definitions]
esurient hungry, esp. for money or power; greedy; voracious; avaricious.
-et small.
ETA abbreviation of "estimated time of arrival."
eta the name of the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet.
étagère (French) a set of open shelves for decorative items.
et al. abbreviation of "et alii" (Latin); and others. [2 definitions]
etc. abbreviation of "et cetera," and others, as of the same kind or class; and the like; and so forth.
et cetera and others, as of the same kind or class; and the like; and so forth. (abbr.: etc.)
etceteras additional things or persons.
etch to cut or eat into (a hard material, such as a printer's plate, glass, stone, or the like), esp. with acid, usu. so as to produce an image, design, or lettering. [4 definitions]
etching the art, act, or process of making designs, lettering, or the like in hard material by cutting or eating away, esp. with acid. [2 definitions]
eternal having no beginning or end; existing outside of time; timeless. [4 definitions]
eternity time without beginning or end; infinite past and future. [3 definitions]
eternize to make everlasting; cause to continue forever. [2 definitions]
etesian of or designating the annual northerly summer winds of the Mediterranean.
-eth used to form an ordinal when a number ends in "-y".
ethane a colorless, odorless gas found in natural gas and used as a fuel or refrigerant.
ethanol ethyl alcohol.