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exiguous very scanty or lacking; meager.
exile prolonged separation from one's country, home, or loved ones. [6 definitions]
exist to have being or reality. [3 definitions]
existence the state of having being or reality. [4 definitions]
existent living or having being; existing. [3 definitions]
existential of or concerning existence, esp. human existence. [3 definitions]
existentialism a philosophy that emphasizes alienation and anxiety caused by the isolated and unexplainable nature of an individual's experience within an indifferent world, and stresses absolute freedom of choice associated with bearing responsibility for one's acts.
existing already in existence.
exit a way out. [7 definitions]
exitless combined form of exit.
exit poll an estimate of public opinion on certain candidates or issues that is made by questioning a representative sample of voters as they leave their voting places.
exit ramp a short roadway that angles or curves off from a major highway, allowing cars to exit the highway without stopping or slowing traffic.
ex libris from the library of (the inscription on a bookplate preceding the name of the owner).
ex nihilo (Latin) out of nothing.
exo- outer; outside.
exobiology the study of the effects on living creatures sent outside the earth's atmosphere. [2 definitions]
exocarp the outermost layer of a fruit, such as the skin of a peach; peel or rind; epicarp.
exocrine having a duct allowing external secretion. [3 definitions]
exodus a departure, usu. of a great number of people. [3 definitions]
ex officio because of one's office or position.
exogamy marriage outside of one's tribe or similar social unit. (Cf. endogamy.) [2 definitions]