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famine an extreme and widespread shortage of food.
famish to cause to suffer from severe hunger. [2 definitions]
famished suffering from extreme hunger; starved. [2 definitions]
famous having widespread recognition or public esteem; renowned. [2 definitions]
fan1 a hand-held device that opens out to form a triangular shape and that is used to cool the face or body by waving back and forth. [7 definitions]
fan2 an enthusiastic follower of an activity such as a sport or a performing art or of a person or persons who engage in that activity.
fanatic one who has excessive and uncritical zeal or devotion to a principle, cause, religion, leader, or the like. [2 definitions]
fanatical driven by or springing from excessive and uncritical zeal.
fanaticism excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm or support for something.
fan belt in an automobile engine, a rubber belt stretched firmly around the crankshaft, which transfers torque to another shaft located on the cooling fan.
fancied invented or dreamed up; existing in fantasy; imaginary.
fancier a devotee of some thing or pursuit. [2 definitions]
fanciful exhibiting use of the imagination; whimsical or imaginative. [3 definitions]
fan club an organization of fans of a particular entertainer, sports team, or other famous entity. Members of a fan club are primarily linked by mail or e-mail.
fancy an idea, opinion, or preference, sometimes not based on reason or reality. [14 definitions]
fancy dress a masquerade costume, esp. one that represents a particular period or class of person.
fancy-free without obligations or commitments, esp. any love attachment.
fancywork ornamental needlework, such as needlepoint or embroidery.
fandango a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time for a couple playing castanets, or the music that accompanies this dance.
fanfare a flourish of trumpets, used to mark an entrance or beginning. [2 definitions]
fanfold paper paper that is perforated to allow folding in alternating directions, designed esp. to lie in flat stacks or bulks for continuous feeding, as into computer printers.