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fan1 a hand-held device that opens out to form a triangular shape and that is used to cool the face or body by waving back and forth. [7 definitions]
fan2 an enthusiastic follower of an activity such as a sport or a performing art or of a person or persons who engage in that activity.
fanatic one who has excessive and uncritical zeal or devotion to a principle, cause, religion, leader, or the like. [2 definitions]
fanatical driven by or springing from excessive and uncritical zeal.
fanaticism excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm or support for something.
fan belt in an automobile engine, a rubber belt stretched firmly around the crankshaft, which transfers torque to another shaft located on the cooling fan.
fancied invented or dreamed up; existing in fantasy; imaginary.
fancier a devotee of some thing or pursuit. [2 definitions]
fanciful exhibiting use of the imagination; whimsical or imaginative. [3 definitions]
fan club an organization of fans of a particular entertainer, sports team, or other famous entity. Members of a fan club are primarily linked by mail or e-mail.
fancy an idea, opinion, or preference, sometimes not based on reason or reality. [14 definitions]
fancy dress a masquerade costume, esp. one that represents a particular period or class of person.
fancy-free without obligations or commitments, esp. any love attachment.
fancywork ornamental needlework, such as needlepoint or embroidery.
fandango a lively Spanish or Spanish-American dance in triple time for a couple playing castanets, or the music that accompanies this dance.
fanfare a flourish of trumpets, used to mark an entrance or beginning. [2 definitions]
fanfold paper paper that is perforated to allow folding in alternating directions, designed esp. to lie in flat stacks or bulks for continuous feeding, as into computer printers.
fang a long pointed tooth, such as the canine tooth of carnivorous animals or the hollow, grooved tooth by which a venomous snake injects its poison. [3 definitions]
fanjet a jet engine that uses an impeller fan to draw in more air than is needed for fuel combustion, the excess being mixed with the products of the combustion to form an exhaust jet that provides extra thrust; turbofan. [2 definitions]
fanlight a window that is ribbed and shaped like an open fan, usu. above a door.
fan mail correspondence received by a prominent or famous person that contains expressions of praise or admiration.