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far be it from me I would not dare or venture.
farce a comedy that depends for its humor on quick and surprising turns of events and on exaggerated characters and situations, or the type of humor characteristic of such a play. [2 definitions]
farceur (French) one who writes or acts in dramatic farces. [2 definitions]
farcical light and humorous in composition, as a performance. [2 definitions]
fare the price paid to ride on commercial transportation, such as a bus, train, or airplane, or a passenger paying such a charge. [5 definitions]
Far East a region that includes East, Southeast, and South Asia.
fare-thee-well the highest or most perfect degree.
farewell may you fare well; good-bye and good wishes. [5 definitions]
farewell-to-spring a flowering plant of the western United States that bears bright blooms of pink, white, or purple.
farfel noodles formed in the shape of small grains or bits.
far-fetched improbable or unlikely; exaggerated; irrelevant.
far-flung widely scattered or extensive. [2 definitions]
farina meal or flour made from cereal grains, used for cooked cereal or pudding, or as a thickening agent in soup.
farinaceous made or consisting of meal or flour, as certain foods. [3 definitions]
farkleberry an evergreen shrub or small tree common to the southern United States that bears white bell-shaped flowers and black berries.
farm a parcel of land and the buildings on it used for agricultural activities. [5 definitions]
farmer one who operates a farm.
farmer cheese a mild cheese pressed from whole milk, somewhat like cottage cheese but firmer and drier.
farmers' market a public market at which farmers sell fresh produce directly to consumers, and which often includes other vendors who sell handcrafted products.
farm hand a person hired to perform duties on a farm.
farmhouse a house on a farm, usu. the one in which the farm owner or operator lives.