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feminine of or relating to a woman or girl; of the female sex. [4 definitions]
femininity the quality or condition of being a woman. [2 definitions]
feminism the doctrine advocating the same social, political, and economic rights for women as for men. [2 definitions]
feminize to make or become feminine.
femme (informal) a girl or woman. [2 definitions]
femoris (Latin) of the femur; used to identify an anatomical structure, such as a muscle, an artery, or a ligament, as being associated with the femur.
femur the long bone in the leg in primates, or the hind leg in quadrupeds, extending from the pelvis to the knee; thighbone. [2 definitions]
fen1 a low-lying, marshy tract of land; bog.
fen2 the smallest monetary unit of the People's Republic of China. (Cf. yuan, renminbi.)
fence a structure made of stone, wire, wood, or other material, that serves to define boundaries of property or to prevent entry into or escape from the area it surrounds. [5 definitions]
fenced-in surrounded or enclosed by a fence or other physical barriers. [2 definitions]
fenceless combined form of fence.
fencing the art, sport, or practice of sparring with swords or swordlike instruments. [3 definitions]
fend to repel; ward off (often fol. by "off"). [3 definitions]
fender a usu. metal guard over the wheel of a truck, car, bicycle, or the like. [5 definitions]
fenderless combined form of fender.
fenestration in architecture, the placement and design of the windows and other openings in a building. [2 definitions]
feng shui the Chinese art of creating harmony in one's environment through placement of objects in a building or in space generally such that the natural flow and balance of chi, or vital energy, is maintained.
Fenian a member of a group formed in the nineteenth century to advocate the ending of British rule in Ireland, composed of Irish and Irish-Americans.
fennel a perennial Eurasian herb cultivated for its aromatic seeds, which are used as a seasoning. [2 definitions]
fentanyl a potent, fast-acting synthetic opioid that is used pharmacologically for pain relief and is also used illicitly.