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fifty-fifty shared equally by two. [3 definitions]
fig any of several broad-leafed trees native to the Mediterranean that bear oblong or pear-shaped soft fruit having many small seeds, or the fruit itself. [3 definitions]
fig. abbreviation of "figure." [2 definitions]
figeater see June bug.
fight a battle, struggle, or angry disagreement. [9 definitions]
fighter a boxer. [3 definitions]
fighting chance a slight possibility of victory or success if great effort is exerted.
fightorflight response activation of the sympathetic nervous system that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event and readies the body for action.
figment something imaginary or invented.
figuration the act of forming something into a particular figure, or the resulting figure. [3 definitions]
figurative not meant to be interpreted in a literal way; metaphorical. [3 definitions]
figure a number or other written symbol other than a letter of the alphabet. [16 definitions]
figured shaped, formed, or fashioned. [3 definitions]
figurehead the titular head of an organization who has no real power. [2 definitions]
figure of speech an expression, such as a metaphor, hyperbole, or simile, that uses words in a nonliteral, unusual, or intensive manner to produce a certain effect; trope.
figure out to find an answer to a problem or puzzling question by using the power of the mind.
figure skating ice skating in which the skater traces elaborate figures on ice or, in competition, executes athletic jumps and dance movements.
figurine a small, molded or sculpted ornamental figure; statuette.
figwort any of various woodland plants that bear loose, branched clusters of small green or purple flowers. [2 definitions]
Fiji a southwestern Pacific island country northeast of Australia.
Fijian of, pertaining to, or characteristic of Fiji, its people, culture, language, or the like. [3 definitions]