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floating island a dessert of soft custard having whipped cream or meringue floating atop it. [2 definitions]
floating rib any rib, such as the two lower pairs in humans, that is not attached to other ribs or the breastbone.
float valve a valve controlled by a floating device.
flocculate to form (soil, clouds, or the like) into lumps or masses. [2 definitions]
flocculent like wool; tufted or fluffy. [3 definitions]
flock1 a group of animals or birds of one kind keeping or kept together, such as geese or sheep. [4 definitions]
flock2 a tuft, as of wool or other fiber. [5 definitions]
flocking fine fibers, such as wool, applied to a smooth surface such as wallpaper or fabric to form a raised pattern; flock. [2 definitions]
floe a mass of sheet ice floating usu. on the sea, or a detached piece of such a mass.
flog to beat harshly with a whip or rod.
flood an overflowing of water onto land that is not normally under water. [8 definitions]
flooded overly full of or entirely covered by unwanted water.
floodgate a gate, as in a canal, used to control a flow or level of water. [2 definitions]
flooding the flowing of great amounts of water over a normally dry area, often causing damage.
flood lamp a floodlight, esp. one used in a television or photography studio.
floodlight an electric lamp that casts a strong beam of light over a wide area. [3 definitions]
flood plain a wide, flat area of land adjacent to a river that overflows its banks periodically.
flood tide the inflowing tide; rising tide. [3 definitions]
floodwater (often pl.) water covering normally dry land as a result of flooding.
floor the lowest surface in a room, on which one stands. [9 definitions]
floorage floor space.