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folkway (often pl.) a pattern of life or mode of thought or action shared by a people as part of their traditional culture.
follicle a small cavity or sac with a narrow mouth, such as that surrounding the root of each hair. [3 definitions]
follow to come or go after or behind. [15 definitions]
follower a student, disciple, or adherent of the teachings or ideas of another. [4 definitions]
following a group of followers, supporters, or adherents. [5 definitions]
follow in someone's footsteps to pursue a course of action very similar to that of someone else.
follow in the footsteps of to follow after, in succession or imitation.
follow one's nose to move or act according to instinct.
follow-through the act or process of carrying on with an activity or project, esp. to completion. [2 definitions]
follow-up the act or process of following up, esp. with something that may increase the effectiveness of an earlier action. [4 definitions]
follow up to act further, esp. so as to bring (something) to a conclusion.
folly lack of common sense or of good judgment. [4 definitions]
foment to encourage the development of; instigate or foster. [2 definitions]
fomentation the act of instigating or encouraging the development of discord, discontent, or the like. [2 definitions]
fond characterized by or expressing tender or affectionate feelings. [4 definitions]
fondant a soft creamy paste made of sugar, water, and cream of tartar, used in icing and candy. [2 definitions]
fondle to touch or stroke in a tender or affectionate manner; treat lovingly; caress. [2 definitions]
fondly affectionately or lovingly.
fondness the quality or condition of being fond. [3 definitions]
fondue a hot saucelike dish made mainly with melted cheese and wine or sometimes, as dessert, with chocolate, eaten by dipping into it pieces of bread or vegetables or, as dessert, pieces of cake or fruit.
font1 a basin or other receptacle that holds holy water, such as that used for baptizing people. [3 definitions]