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forbear to keep or abstain from (an action or utterance); forgo. [3 definitions]
forbearance the act or capability of refraining or holding back. [2 definitions]
forbid to give orders that bar or prohibit (an action). [4 definitions]
forbidden a past participle of forbid. [2 definitions]
Forbidden City a vast, walled complex of buildings in Beijing, China, formerly the Imperial Palace (1491-1911), now open to the public as the Palace Museum.
forbidden fruit in the Bible, the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden, which had been forbidden to Adam and Eve by God. [2 definitions]
forbidding tending to discourage an approach; likely to be unmanageable; uninviting. [2 definitions]
forbore past tense of forbear.
forborne past participle of forbear.
force active power, energy, or physical strength. [14 definitions]
forced involuntary; imposed. [2 definitions]
force-feed to force (one) to eat, learn, or accept something either against the will or at an uncomfortably fast pace.
forceful having power, force, or effectiveness.
forceless combined form of force.
forcemeat finely chopped or ground meat, fish, or poultry, often mixed with other foods that act as binders or seasoning, and used as a stuffing.
force of attraction a force between two bodies, molecules, particles, or the like, that attracts each to the other.
force of nature in physics, any one of the fundamental forces that occur in nature, including electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, and gravitational force. [3 definitions]
force-out a baseball play in which a runner in forced out at the next base following the hitting of a fair ball by a teammate.
forceps a pair of tongs or pincers used in medical procedures, as to grasp and extract tissue or foreign bodies during surgery.
force pump a pump with a valveless plunger, used to raise the level of a liquid or convey it through a pipe by the application of pressure.
for certain unquestionably; positively.