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French curve a flat drafting template used for drawing a variety of curved lines.
French door one of a pair of doors with glass panes from top to bottom and hinged on opposite sides of a doorway so that they open out from the center.
French dressing in the United States, a bright orange, creamy salad dressing that is made commercially. [2 definitions]
French fries (often l.c.) potatoes cut into lengthwise strips and fried in deep oil or fat.
French-fry (often l.c.) to fry (potatoes, onion rings, or the like) in deep oil or fat until crisp.
French Guiana an overseas department of France on the Atlantic coast of South America between Suriname and Brazil.
French horn a brass wind instrument that consists of a long coiled tube with a funnel-shaped mouthpiece, three valves, and a flaring bell at the end.
Frenchify (informal) to cause to become like the French, esp. in manners, customs, character, or dress.
French kiss a kiss in which the partners' tongues enter each other's mouths; soul kiss.
French leave an unannounced or unauthorized departure, often abrupt or unceremonious.
Frenchman a man who was born in or is a citizen of France.
French Revolution the revolution in France that began in 1789 with the people's overthrow of the monarchy, continued with the establishment of a republic, and ended in 1799 with Napoleon's rise to power.
French seam a seam that is sewn on both sides of the fabric so that the edges are enclosed.
French toast sliced bread dipped in a mixture of egg and milk and then fried until browned.
French window a window, usu. one of a pair, that resembles a French door, having small panes of glass and usu. extending to the floor. [2 definitions]
Frenchwoman a woman who was born in or is a citizen of France.
frenetic frantic; frenzied.
frenulum one of a group of stiff projections on the hind wing of some moths that join with a structure on the front wing to fasten the wings together in flight.
frenum a membrane or fold of skin, such as that under the tongue, that controls or restrains the movement of a body part.
frenzy a seizure marked by violent agitation, excitement, or enthusiasm, or the activity accompanying such a seizure. [3 definitions]
frequence the state of being frequent.