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fuckup (vulgar slang) one who bungles, esp. as a habit. [2 definitions]
fuck up (slang) to bungle; completely mismanage. [2 definitions]
fuddle to confuse or bewilder, as with intoxicating drink; befuddle. [2 definitions]
fuddy-duddy (informal) someone who is old-fashioned, conservative, or exceptionally fussy. [2 definitions]
fudge1 a soft, dense candy or frosting made by cooking sugar with other ingredients, such as butter, chocolate, milk, nuts, and flavorings.
fudge2 to tamper with, so as to obtain a desired result. [3 definitions]
fuel anything that is consumed as a source of energy, such as gasoline or plutonium. [5 definitions]
fuel cell any of various devices in which continuous electrical energy is produced from the reaction between a fuel, such as liquid hydrogen, and an oxidant.
fuel injection any of several systems by which fuel is sprayed directly into an engine's combustion chamber. [2 definitions]
fuel oil any oil used for fuel, esp. a liquid petroleum product.
fuel rod a rod-shaped unit that contains nuclear fuel such as plutonium or uranium.
fugal of, being or pertaining to the musical style of a fugue.
-fuge something that drives out or away.
fugitive someone who is escaping or running away, as from the police, persecution, responsibilities, or the like. [5 definitions]
fugue a musical form or composition in which one or more themes are stated by one voice and are then restated and modified in counterpoint in strict order by several voices. [2 definitions]
führer (German) a leader. [2 definitions]
-ful full of; characterized by. [5 definitions]
fulcrum the point of support on which a lever turns. [2 definitions]
fulfill to effect or bring to realization or completion. [4 definitions]
fulfilling causing a strong feeling of accomplishment or contentment.
fulfillment the condition or quality of being fulfilled; satisfaction. [2 definitions]