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funicular of or pertaining to a rope, cord, or the like, esp. to its tension. [4 definitions]
funk1 (informal) a state or mood of dejection; depression. [5 definitions]
funk2 music with an earthy feeling like that of the blues.
funky1 dejected; depressed. [2 definitions]
funky2 of music, having the earthy feeling of the blues.
funnel a conical utensil with a narrow tube at the small end, used to pour a liquid or other flowing substance into a container with a small opening. [4 definitions]
funny provoking amusement or laughter. [4 definitions]
funny bone the place on the back of the elbow where a sharp blow causes a strange tingling sensation.
fur the soft thick hair that covers the bodies of certain animals, such as the cat, rabbit, mink, or fox. [5 definitions]
furbelow a ruffle, flounce, or other showy trimming on clothing. [2 definitions]
furbish to restore to original or good condition, esp. by cleaning or polishing.
furcate forked. [2 definitions]
furfur a small dry flake of skin, such as dandruff.
furfuraceous of or resembling bran. [2 definitions]
furious full of fury; violently angry; enraged. [3 definitions]
furl to roll up (a flag or the like) around a central axis. [4 definitions]
furless combined form of fur.
furlong a unit of length equal to one eighth of a mile or 201 meters, used esp. in horse racing.
furlough a leave of absence or vacation for an enlisted person in the military. [4 definitions]
furnace any apparatus in which heat is generated for a specific purpose. [3 definitions]
furnish to equip, esp. with furniture. [2 definitions]