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gas matter that is neither liquid nor solid and expands or contracts rapidly and uniformly with temperature changes. [14 definitions]
gas burner the nozzle at the end of a gas fixture; gas jet.
gas chamber a sealed room in which prisoners are executed by means of poisonous gas.
gasconade extravagantly boastful talk; bravado. [2 definitions]
gaseous in the form of or resembling a gas. [2 definitions]
gas fitter a person who installs and repairs gas pipes and fixtures.
gash a long and deep cut, such as a wound. [2 definitions]
gasify to convert into or become a gas.
gas jet a burner, pipe, or other apertured fitting at the end of a gas fixture. [2 definitions]
gasket any of numerous rings, seals, or the like used to make a joint watertight or airtight, as in a pipe or machine.
gaslight the light emitted by a burning gas such as methane. [3 definitions]
gaslighting psychological manipulation that attempts to make a person or persons believe that they are losing their sanity or that their memories or valid suspicions are false.
gas main a large pipe that conducts gas into smaller pipes.
gas mantle an incombustible meshwork hood for a gas jet or kerosene wick that gives off a brilliant incandescent light when a flame is lit within it.
gas mask a device worn over the face that has a built-in chemical air filter to protect the wearer from inhaling poisonous gases or noxious fumes.
gasohol a mixture of gasoline with a small amount of ethyl alcohol, used esp. to power cars.
gasoline a volatile, flammable liquid of hydrocarbons, derived from petroleum and used primarily as fuel for internal-combustion engines.
gasometer a container that both holds and measures gas. [2 definitions]
gasp a sudden, brief, convulsive taking in of air through the mouth, as in shock or a condition of breathlessness. [3 definitions]
gas plant see "dittany."
gas station a place where gas, oil, and other supplies for running a car can be bought; filling station; service station.