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get across to make (a point or idea) clearly understood to a listener or reader. [2 definitions]
get ahead to advance; succeed.
get along to survive or manage. [2 definitions]
get around to to reach the point in time when one becomes able to do something.
getaway an escape, esp. from the police. [5 definitions]
get away to escape and become free. [3 definitions]
get away with to avoid being caught or punished for doing something wrong.
get away with murder (informal) to avoid punishment for wrongdoing, or avoid detection of such, even if the wrongdoing is serious (generally used metaphorically rather than literally).
get a wiggle on (informal) hurry up.
get back to return, esp. to return home. [4 definitions]
get back at to do something bad or unpleasant to (someone) in return for something bad or unpleasant that this person has done to one previously.
get back to to return a call or message, or to resume a conversation with (someone) at a later time, esp. by telephone. [2 definitions]
get behind to be late in doing things that continually need to be done, or to not make the amount of progress that one plans or needs to make; not keep to the expected or necessary pace (often fol. by "in").
get by to survive or keep going at the most basic level.
get carried away to become excited, agitated, or enthusiastic to the point that one goes too far in one's speech or actions, losing the ability to see logically what is real, practical, or sufficient.
get down to move one's body to a lower place or position. [7 definitions]
get dressed to put clothes on.
get even to exact revenge; retaliate (often fol. by "with").
get in to manage to go in; enter. [3 definitions]
get in touch to contact or restore communication (usu. fol. by "with").
get lost to lose one's way. [2 definitions]