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get one's way to manage to obtain one's particular wish or preference, regardless of the wishes or objections of others.
get on someone's nerves to annoy or cause agitation in (someone).
get out to leave or be allowed to leave. [3 definitions]
get out of to escape having to do (something that one does not wish to do).
get over to recover from (something).
get rid of to discard, remove, or make disappear (esp. something that is bad or considered to have no value).
get (something) one's way to manage to have (something) the way that one wants or prefers, regardless of the desires or objections of others.
get the gate to be rejected.
get the show on the road (slang) to begin; get started.
get through to manage to reach the end of (a difficult or challenging experience). [5 definitions]
get to to arrive at (a destination), or to travel to and arrive at (a destination). [5 definitions]
get to first base (informal) to make initial progress or have some initial success.
get-together a gathering of a few people for social purposes.
get together to meet (another person or other people) and spend time together. [4 definitions]
getup (informal) a set or combination of clothing and decoration; outfit; costume. [2 definitions]
get up to stand up. [2 definitions]
get up on the wrong side of the bed to be in an irritable temper, as from the earliest part of the day.
get wind of to receive hints or rumors of.
gewgaw a small, worthless ornament; trinket; bauble.
geyser a spring that erupts periodically, spewing up a stream of hot water, steam, or mud.
GFCI an abbreviation for "ground fault circuit interrupter." A GFCI is a device that shuts down an electric circuit when it senses a sudden loss of power. It protects people from severe electric shocks.