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gnomic short and pithy, as an aphorism.
gnomon the column on a sundial that casts a shadow and thus indicates the time of day.
-gnomy the art or science of knowing or interpreting.
-gnosis knowledge.
gnosis spiritual knowledge. (See Gnosticism.)
gnostic of, pertaining to, or having knowledge, esp. spiritual understanding. [3 definitions]
Gnosticism an early Christian religious movement whose adherents believed in salvation through gnosis, in the evil nature of the material world, and in the incorporeality of Jesus Christ, and that was condemned as a heresy by the Church Fathers.
GNP abbreviation of "gross national product," the total market or monetary value of all the goods and services that a nation produces, usu. in one year.
gnu a large African antelope with an oxlike head, horns curving downward and outward, a beard and short mane, and a long tail.
go1 to proceed; travel. [27 definitions]
go2 a Japanese game of strategy played with counters on a segmented board.
goad something that spurs a person to action; stimulus. [4 definitions]
go-ahead (informal) a signal that it is all right to proceed. [2 definitions]
goal a result or end that one desires and works for; aim or purpose. [3 definitions]
goalie in sports, a goalkeeper.
goalkeeper the player who is responsible for defending his or her team's goal in soccer, hockey, lacrosse, and the like.
goalless combined form of goal.
goalpost in football, either of two upright posts supported by a crossbar, defining an area through which a field goal or conversion must be kicked. [2 definitions]
goaltender on a team, a defensive position assigned to protect the goal, esp. in soccer, hockey, or lacrosse.
Goa powder see araroba.
goat any of various agile four-legged animals that produce milk, having hollow horns with a backward curve, rough and usu. straight hair, and a short tail. [5 definitions]