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goggle (pl.) a pair of protective lenses with a shielding framework, worn to protect the eyes from debris, strong wind, harsh light, chlorinated water, and the like. [6 definitions]
goggle-eyed having wide-open, bulging, or rolling eyes, as one who is surprised or amazed. [2 definitions]
goggles a special, clear cover that you wear over your eyes to protect them.
go-go (informal) of or related to discotheques or to the lively music or dancing at discotheques. [3 definitions]
go green of a company or institution, to begin to operate in a way that helps to protect the environment.
Goidelic of or belonging to the Q-Celtic group of languages. [2 definitions]
going the act or process of leaving; departure. [6 definitions]
going-over a thorough inspection. [2 definitions]
goings-on (informal) happenings; events. [2 definitions]
goiter a visible swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck, caused by iodine deficiency.
Go Kart trademark for a particular type of kart.
gold a precious yellow metal chemical element that has seventy-nine protons in each nucleus, that occurs in pure form as a very dense, lustrous, highly malleable solid, and that is often mixed with other metals to make it harder and stronger. (symbol: Au) [11 definitions]
gold bug any of several North American beetles having a shiny or gold luster. [2 definitions]
gold certificate a certificate or note representing a share of the U.S. gold reserve, formerly issued to and redeemable by the public, but now issued only to Federal Reserve Banks.
Gold Coast an area along the west central coast of Africa that formerly was a British territory and now is part of Ghana.
gold digger a person who digs for or mines gold. [2 definitions]
gold dust gold in the form of fine particles or a powder.
golden deep yellow and shiny. [3 definitions]
golden age (sometimes cap.) in Greek and Roman mythology, the first age of humans, in which people lived peacefully, prosperously, and innocently. [3 definitions]
golden ager (informal) an elderly person, esp. one who has retired or is of retirement age.
golden calf according to the Old Testament, a gold statue of a calf that the Israelites worshiped while Moses was on Mount Sinai. [2 definitions]