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graveside the area beside a grave. [2 definitions]
gravesite the location of a grave or graves; a place of burial.
gravestone a stone placed as a marker at a person's grave.
graveyard a tract of ground for burying the dead; cemetery.
graveyard shift (informal) a work shift that extends through the early morning hours, often beginning at midnight. [2 definitions]
gravid pregnant.
gravimeter a device for measuring the specific gravity of a solid or liquid. [2 definitions]
gravimetric of or concerning the measurement of weight.
gravitas a sense of great seriousness or weightiness. [2 definitions]
gravitate to move toward or be attracted to something by or as if by a force of gravity.
gravitation the force of mutual attraction, as between planets, stars, or particles. [3 definitions]
gravitational having to do with gravity, the force by which a planet or other similar body in space tends to draw objects toward its center.
graviton in physics, a theoretical particle that acts as the unit of gravitational energy.
gravity the force by which a planet or other such body tends to draw objects toward its center. [4 definitions]
gravure a method of photomechanical printing by engraved plates. [2 definitions]
gravy juice that drips from cooking meat, or a sauce made by thickening and seasoning this juice. [2 definitions]
gravy boat an elongated, boat-shaped dish, often with a pouring spout, that is used for serving gravy or sauce.
gray the color of an overcast sky; an achromatic color between black and white. [8 definitions]
graybeard an old man, esp. one that is wise or has a gray beard.
grayhound variant of greyhound.
graylag a wild gray goose native to marshy areas of Europe.