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guanine in biochemistry, a purine constituent of nucleic acids.
guano the nitrogen-rich excrement of sea birds or bats, used as fertilizer. [2 definitions]
guarana a substance containing caffeine and tannin that is made from the seeds of a South American shrub of the soapberry family, used as a stimulant. [2 definitions]
guarani the chief monetary unit of Paraguay, equaling one hundred centimos.
guarantee an assurance, esp. in writing, that something is of salable quality and will perform satisfactorily or be repaired or exchanged at the seller's or manufacturer's expense. [11 definitions]
guarantor one that gives a pledge of quality, warranty, or the like. [2 definitions]
guaranty an agreement, assurance, or pledge regarded as security for an obligation; surety. [5 definitions]
guard to protect from danger or harm. [8 definitions]
guardant of an animal on a heraldic shield, depicted with the head facing the viewer and the body in profile.
guarded wary; cautious. [2 definitions]
guardhouse a structure used by guard personnel as a headquarters or temporary detention area.
guardian a person who guards or protects. [3 definitions]
guardrail a protective railing, as on a young child's bed or the edge of a cliff.
guardroom a room used by guards when they are on duty but not in the field. [2 definitions]
guardsman one who serves as part of a force that guards. [2 definitions]
Guatemala a Central American country south of Mexico. [2 definitions]
guava one of several tropical or subtropical American shrubs that bear white flowers and edible fruits. [2 definitions]
guayule a small woody shrub, with sap from which rubber can be made. [2 definitions]
gubernatorial of or pertaining to the office of governor or to a governor.
gudgeon1 any of several small freshwater fishes that are easily caught, often used for bait. [2 definitions]
gudgeon2 a metal pin or shaft on the end of an axle, on which the wheel turns. [2 definitions]