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hacksaw a saw used to cut metal, with a tough, fine-toothed, short blade fixed in a frame.
had past tense and past participle of have.
had better used to state that a certain action is strongly advised and that, if one does not do the action that is specified, something bad might happen (sometimes used in warnings and threats).
haddock a North Atlantic food fish, related to but smaller than cod.
Hades in Greek mythology, the underworld inhabited by the dead, or the god who rules there; Pluto. [3 definitions]
hadn't contracted form of "had not."
hadron in particle physics, any particle made up of quarks and held together by the strong force.
hadrosaur any dinosaur of the Hadrosauridae family, having a broad, flat snout for grazing; also known as a "duck-billed dinosaur."
haemato- see "hemato-."
hafnium a chemical element that has seventy-two protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a tetravalent metal often found in combination with zirconium, used in pure form for applications such as nuclear reactor control rods because it absorbs neutrons well. (symbol: Hf)
haft a handle or hilt, as of a weapon or cutting tool. [2 definitions]
hag an ugly old woman, esp. one considered frightening or wicked. [2 definitions]
Hagar according to the Old Testament, Abraham's concubine and the mother of Ishmael.
hagfish a small eellike marine fish with horny teeth and a round, jawless, sucking mouth.
Haggadah a book read at the Passover Seder that contains the story of Exodus and the ritual of the Seder. [2 definitions]
Haggai a minor Hebrew prophet of the sixth century B.C. [2 definitions]
haggard wasted, exhausted, or wild in appearance, as from hunger, deprivation, or anxiety.
haggis a Scottish dish made of sheep or calf organs that are minced, mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasonings, and boiled in the animal's stomach.
haggle to bargain or argue over petty differences in price, terms, or point of view. [2 definitions]
hagio- saint; holy.
hagiographer one who writes or has written biographies of saints.