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happily in a happy manner. [2 definitions]
happiness the state or condition of being happy. [2 definitions]
happy marked by a feeling of joy, contentment, pleasure, comfort, or the like. [4 definitions]
happy-go-lucky trusting one's well-being or success to luck; carefree.
happy hour a period of one or two hours in the late afternoon during which some bars offer reduced prices on drinks.
Hapsburg a member of a German noble family that has produced rulers of several European countries since the twelfth century, or the name of the family itself.
hara-kiri a Japanese ritual suicide with knife or dagger, usu. to preserve one's honor, and associated esp. with the samurai and, more recently, the military. [2 definitions]
harangue a long, vehement, and often pompous speech or piece of writing, esp. such a speech delivered in public; tirade. [4 definitions]
Harare the capital of Zimbabwe; formerly Salisbury.
harass to trouble or disturb repeatedly or persistently. [2 definitions]
harassment behavior that threatens, attacks, or offends another person repeatedly.
harbinger someone or something that signals or foreshadows a later arrival or occurrence; herald; forerunner. [2 definitions]
harbor a sheltered area of water for boats to be anchored or otherwise secured. [5 definitions]
harborage a shelter and anchoring place for ships.
harborless combined form of harbor.
harbor master an official who supervises harbor operations and enforces regulations governing harbor use.
hard not soft; solid; firm; tough. [11 definitions]
hardback bound in a hard or durable cover. [2 definitions]
hardball baseball. [4 definitions]
hard-bitten made tough or stubborn by hard experience.
hardboard construction board made of wood chips that have been heated and compressed.