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hardened made or become hard or harder. [4 definitions]
hardener a substance that can be added to varnish or paint in order to achieve a harder finish on the surface to which it is applied.
hard-fisted unrelentingly stingy; tight-fisted. [2 definitions]
hard goods manufactured products, such as appliances, machines, and automobiles, that last for many years; durable goods.
hard hat a protective helmet, made of metal or hard, impact-resistant plastic, worn by construction workers, miners, and the like.
hard-hat (informal) a construction worker.
hardheaded not easily moved, manipulated, or duped; shrewd; pragmatic. [2 definitions]
hardhearted without feeling or sympathy; pitiless.
hardihood strength, vigor, or determination; fortitude. [2 definitions]
hardily in a hardy manner.
hardiness the condition or quality of being hardy; strength; endurance. [2 definitions]
hard labor compulsory physical labor imposed as part of a prison sentence.
hard-line unwilling to yield, esp. in regard to ideas or ideology.
hard-liner one who is unwilling to yield, esp. in regard to ideas or ideology.
hardly almost not at all; barely; scarcely; only just. [2 definitions]
hard maple the sugar maple.
hardness the state or condition of being hard. [2 definitions]
hard-nosed tough and practical; hardheaded.
hard-on (vulgar slang) an erection of the penis.
hard palate the hard, bony part of the roof of the mouth. (Cf. soft palate.)
hardpan any hard layer beneath the soil, such as hard subsoil or clay. [2 definitions]