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heaven (often cap.) in some religions, the abode of God, where the souls of the good and faithful will dwell after death. [5 definitions]
heavenly of or pertaining to heaven or the heavens. [2 definitions]
heavenward to or toward heaven. [2 definitions]
heavily with or as if with a heavy weight. [4 definitions]
heaviness the condition or quality of being heavy; weight.
Heaviside layer see E layer.
heavy having much weight. [10 definitions]
heavy-duty made to last through intensive or unusually rough use.
heavy-handed not adept or skillful; without dexterity or talent for precision; awkward; clumsy. [2 definitions]
heavy-hearted burdened by sadness; depressed; dejected; melancholy.
heavy hydrogen an isotope of hydrogen with a mass number greater than one; deuterium.
heavy-laden heavily loaded, as a vehicle or pack animal. [2 definitions]
heavy metal a variety of rock music featuring highly amplified sound and insistent rhythms.
heavyset having a stocky, stout body.
heavy spar see barite.
heavy water water composed of oxygen and deuterium; deuterium oxide.
heavyweight having great weight; very heavy. [6 definitions]
hebdomadal occurring weekly.
hebetate to blunt or dull (esp. the feelings or senses). [3 definitions]
hebetic of, pertaining to, or occurring at puberty.
hebetude the condition or quality of being dull or lethargic, esp. in mind; listlessness.