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heliport a facility, often on a rooftop, where a helicopter may take off or land.
helium a chemical element of the inert gas group that contains two protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a lighter-than-air gas often used for lifting power and in air-free atmospheres where an inert gas is required, as in welding. (symbol: He)
helix a three-dimensional curve with a central axis and a steadily increasing, steadily decreasing, or constant circumference; spiral.
hell in some religions, the place where the souls of wicked people are punished after death. [6 definitions]
he'll contracted form of "he will".
hellbender a large salamander found in rivers and streams of the eastern United States.
hell-bent unshakably and incautiously determined (usu. fol. by "on"). [2 definitions]
hellcat (informal) a hot-tempered or wicked woman.
helldiver a grebe, esp. the pied-billed grebe.
hellebore any of several mostly poisonous herbs that bear white or greenish flowers. [2 definitions]
Hellene a native or citizen of ancient Greece.
Hellenic relating to the culture of the ancient Greeks, from the eighth century B.C. to the fourth century B.C. [2 definitions]
Hellenism a Greek idiom, phrase, or the like. [3 definitions]
Hellenistic pertaining to non-Greeks of the ancient period who adopted Greek customs, language, and the like. [2 definitions]
Hellenize to make or become Greek or Hellenistic in character.
heller see haler. [2 definitions]
hellfire the punishments of hell.
hellgrammite the larva of a dobsonfly, often used as fish bait.
hellion (informal) an impish, uncontrollable, or bothersome person, esp. a child.
hellish pertaining to or having attributes of hell; dreadful; miserable; wicked.
hello used as a greeting, exclamation of surprise, or call for attention. [2 definitions]