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help to give aid or assistance to, or to further the advancement of. [13 definitions]
helper an assistant who helps in some task or activity.
helpful providing aid or assistance.
helping the act or process of one who helps. [2 definitions]
helping verb another name for auxiliary verb.
helpless unable to take care of oneself. [3 definitions]
helpmate a helping companion, esp. a spouse.
helpmeet a helpmate.
help out to assist.
Helsinki the seaport capital of Finland.
helter-skelter in a hurried, confused manner; recklessly. [5 definitions]
helve the handle of a tool such as an ax or maul.
hem1 to fold and stitch down the edge of (a garment, piece of cloth, or the like). [3 definitions]
hem2 used to get attention, suggest doubt, or the like. [4 definitions]
hema- see hemo-.
hemacytometer see hemocytometer.
he-man (informal) a strong, virile, or masterful man.
hem and haw to avoid speaking directly or frankly; speak evasively or unresponsively.
hematic of, concerning, containing, or affecting blood.
hematite a steel-gray or darkish red mineral that is the main form of iron ore, iron oxide.
hemato- blood.