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hemostatic capable of stopping the flow of blood; styptic. [2 definitions]
hemp a tall-growing herb native to Asia. [4 definitions]
hemp agrimony a composite plant native to Europe and Asia that bears clusters of reddish purple flowers.
hempen of, pertaining to, made of, or resembling hemp.
hemp nettle any of several plants native to Europe and Asia that resemble hemp and have stiff hairs like those of the nettle.
hemstitch to stitch a hem along a narrow strip where parallel threads have been pulled out, producing a decorative openwork border on (a fabric). [2 definitions]
hen a female bird, esp. a chicken.
hen-and-chickens any of several fleshy plants that propagate by runners, such as the common houseleek.
henbane a hairy, malodorous, and poisonous plant of the Mediterranean area whose juice is used to make some medicines.
henbit a spreading European weed, related to mint, that has opposite, toothed leaves and bears small white, pink, or purple flowers.
hence therefore; for this reason; thus. [2 definitions]
henceforth from this point on; from now on.
henceforward from this time on; henceforth.
henchman a loyal follower and helper, esp. of someone engaged in unethical or criminal plots or deeds.
henequen an agave plant native to Yucatan with large thick leaves. [2 definitions]
henhouse a building or structure in which poultry is kept.
henna a reddish dyestuff used in coloring hair and leather. [4 definitions]
hennery a farm, shelter, or pen for poultry.
henotheism belief in or worship of one god without denying that others may exist.
henpeck (informal) to dominate (one's husband) by constantly nagging or criticizing.
Henri Bergson a French philosopher (b.1859--d.1941).