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heroic verse any verse form traditionally used for epic or dramatic poetry, such as iambic pentameter for English poetry.
heroin an illegal addictive narcotic made from morphine that is usu. mixed with water and taken by injection.
heroine a woman of heroic character or deeds. [2 definitions]
heroism courageous behavior, or courageous acts collectively.
heron any of a number of wading birds, such as the egret or great blue heron, that have long necks and legs and usu. long bills.
heronry a place where herons gather, esp. to breed.
hero sandwich a large sandwich composed of fillings such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses between the halves of a long roll of bread, usu. Italian bread; submarine; poor boy.
hero worship much or too much reverence or admiration for a heroic figure or for great persons generally.
hero-worship to have or show hero worship for.
herpes any of a number of infectious diseases caused by herpesviruses, esp. herpes simplex and chicken pox and shingles. [2 definitions]
herpes simplex either of two viral infections resulting in the appearance of blisters on skin and mucous membranes of the face or the genital area.
herpesvirus any of a family (Herpesviridae) of double-stranded DNA viruses, including viruses that cause herpes simplex, chicken pox, and shingles. [2 definitions]
herpes zoster a viral infection resulting in the appearance of blisters on the skin along the course of a nerve; shingles.
herpetology the science that deals with reptiles and amphibians.
Herr a German title of respect for men, preceding family names and professional titles, and corresponding to English "Mr." or "Sir".
herring any of various small fishes, found mostly in northern waters, that are caught in great numbers for food. [2 definitions]
herringbone a V-shaped pattern of rows of short parallel lines alternately slanted in opposite directions. [5 definitions]
hers a possessive form of she; that or those belonging to her.
herself used to show that an action is done to or in connection with the same female person or female animal who performs the action. [4 definitions]
hertz a unit of frequency equal to one cycle per second. (abbr.: Hz)
Hertzian wave an electromagnetic wave, such as a radio wave, produced when electricity is oscillated in a conductor.