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high-sounding imposing or impressive-sounding but pretentious.
high-speed designed to travel or operate at higher-than-standard speeds.
high-spirited enthusiastic, fiery, or courageous in temperament or behavior.
high street (chiefly British) the main commercial street of a town where many shops and other businesses are located.
high-strung exceptionally nervous; easily upset; usually tense.
hightail (informal) to flee; run away; leave hurriedly.
hightail it (informal) to move or leave hurriedly.
high-tech see high technology. [2 definitions]
high technology any technology that requires or involves sophisticated techniques or equipment, such as genetic engineering or microelectronics; high-tech.
high-tension possessing or transmitting electricity of high voltage.
high-test of or concerning a high-octane gasoline that has an esp. low boiling point.
high tide the highest point reached by a tide, or the time of day when this occurs. [2 definitions]
high time just the appropriate time, or even past it.
high-toned having an elevated character, morality, or the like; dignified. [2 definitions]
high treason violation of allegiance against one's government, or the crime of giving aid and comfort to the enemies of one's own government.
high water see high tide. [2 definitions]
high-water mark a mark indicating the highest level reached by a body of water. [2 definitions]
highway a major public road on which one can drive at high speeds, esp. between cities. [2 definitions]
highwayman someone who attacks and robs people along a roadway, esp. in former times.
high wire a cable or tightrope high above the ground, used esp. in circus performance.
hijab the cloth that covers the head, hair, and neck of Muslim women, worn in observance to religion. [2 definitions]