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high-hat1 (informal) to treat snobbishly; condescend toward. [2 definitions]
high-hat2 a pair of cymbals mounted on a stand and struck together by means of a foot pedal, used esp. by drummers in jazz and rock bands.
High Holidays in the Jewish calendar, the period including Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
highjack variant of hijack.
high jinks (informal) boisterous fun, or pranks; rowdiness.
high jump a field event in which contestants jump over a level bar, which is raised after each successful trial.
highland land that is at an elevation; plateau. [3 definitions]
Highland fling a vigorous folk dance of the Scottish Highlands.
high-level of, involving, or being a person or persons of exceptional status or importance. [2 definitions]
highlife a sophisticated, showy, luxurious way of living.
highlight to give particular emphasis or prominence to, or to be the most prominent thing or part of. [6 definitions]
highlighter a marker having a broad felt tip and transparent, often fluorescent ink, applied to lines of text to indicate their importance.
highly with praise or appreciation. [3 definitions]
High Mass a Catholic mass in which parts of the text are sung by the celebrant, often with additional music, incense, and ceremony. (Cf. Low Mass.)
high-minded displaying or possessing a great concern for ethical principles or lofty ideals or sentiments.
highness the state of being high or tall; height. [2 definitions]
high noon precisely noon. [2 definitions]
high-octane having a high octane number.
high-pitched of a sound, shrill or sharp; characterized by a high frequency. [4 definitions]
high-powered characterized by great vitality, energy, or force.
high-pressure of, concerning, or characterized by a pressure much higher than normal atmospheric pressure. [4 definitions]