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histrionic of or concerning actors or their work. [2 definitions]
histrionics (usu. used with a pl. verb) overly dramatic, emotional, or affected behavior. [2 definitions]
hit to deliver a blow or stroke to. [16 definitions]
hit-and-run denoting or pertaining to a driver who does not stop at the scene after causing an accident with his or her motor vehicle. [2 definitions]
hitch1 to connect or attach with or as if with a rope or straps, esp. loosely or temporarily. [9 definitions]
hitch2 (informal) to solicit or obtain a free ride; hitchhike.
hitchhike to solicit or obtain a free ride or series or rides in a vehicle.
hither to or in the direction of this place; here. [2 definitions]
hither and thither in or to a variety of places, esp. randomly; here and there.
hither and yon from this location to another, esp. to a place at a great distance. [2 definitions]
hithermost nearest to this place; closest.
hitherto until this time; previously.
hit list (informal) a list of people to be murdered. [2 definitions]
hit man (informal) a hired killer; paid assassin.
hit one's stride to achieve an effective pace or level.
hit-or-miss careless or random.
hit the hay (slang) to go to bed.
hit the jackpot (informal) to have sudden good luck or success, esp. with a financial reward.
hit the nail on the head to find exactly the right solution, expression, or explanation.
hit the panic button (slang) to react frantically to a crisis.
hit the sack (slang) to go to bed.