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hit the panic button (slang) to react frantically to a crisis.
hit the sack (slang) to go to bed.
hit the spot (informal) to be exactly the needed or required thing.
Hittite a member of an ancient people who established an empire in the Mideast from about 2000 to 1200 B.C. [3 definitions]
HIV abbreviation of "human immunodeficiency virus," the retrovirus that causes the disease AIDS by infecting and destroying T cells in the immune system.
hive a structure built for or by bees to live in. [5 definitions]
hiveless combined form of hive.
hive off (chiefly British) to break away from one's group, or to separate something from a group or entity that it has been part of.
hives (used with a sing. or pl. verb) a mild illness characterized by the eruption of small, itchy bumps on the skin, often as an allergic reaction.
HIV-positive being infected by the HIV virus, or pertaining to an infection by the HIV virus.
HM abbreviation of "Her Majesty," or "His Majesty."
hmm used to indicate the act or process of thinking and considering a matter.
HMO abbreviation of "health maintenance organization."
Hmong an ethnic group of Asia whose homeland includes the mountainous regions of southern China and northern Southeast Asia. [2 definitions]
HMS abbreviation of "Her Majesty's Ship," or "His Majesty's Ship."
Ho symbol of the chemical element holmium.
ho used to express joy, surprise, or derision. [2 definitions]
hoar hoarfrost.
hoard a collection or supply of something that is hidden, stored, or guarded, as for use at a later time or to keep it from being stolen; cache. [3 definitions]
hoarding the action of accumulating and saving money or goods as provision against future need, especially in a secretive and guarded fashion. [2 definitions]
hoarfrost a white coating of tiny ice crystals that forms on the ground and other surfaces on some cold nights; frozen dew.