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home page the main page of a Web site, often having a table of contents and links to other parts of the Web site.
home plate in baseball, a five-sided flat slab of hard rubber at which the batter stands, and which the base runner must touch in order to score a run.
home port the location of a vessel between trips or during maintenance servicing, or its port of registration. [2 definitions]
homeporting the practice of establishing, in port cities, home ports for warships, esp. those carrying nuclear weapons.
Homer an actual or legendary Greek poet (about the eighth century B.C.).
homer (informal) in baseball, a home run. [2 definitions]
home range the area usu. covered by an animal during the course of a day or season.
Homeric of, concerning, or resembling Homer or esp. his poetry. [2 definitions]
homeroom a school classroom where students meet at the beginning of the school day for attendance and announcements.
home rule the principle or practice of self-government by the citizens of a country, state, or city, esp. as granted by a controlling authority.
home run in baseball, a hit that allows the batter enough time to touch all four bases in succession and score a run.
homesick yearning for one's home.
homespun of cloth or yarn, made or spun at home. [4 definitions]
homestead a house and the surrounding land and outbuildings, esp. a farm. [4 definitions]
homesteader someone who lawfully claims and settles on a piece of land. [2 definitions]
homestead law any law prohibiting forced sale or seizure of a homestead to settle debt. [2 definitions]
homestretch the last, straight portion of a racetrack, leading to the finish line. [2 definitions]
hometown the town or city in which one was born or grew up, or in which one has presently lived for a considerable time.
home video equipment having to do with the playing or recording of videocassettes or videodiscs in the home, or a videocassette or videodisc viewed in the home.
homeward to or toward home. [2 definitions]
homework schoolwork that is assigned to be done at home rather than at school.