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homopterous of or belonging to a group of insects that includes the cicadas and aphids.
Homo sapiens the scientific name for human beings or for mankind in general.
homosexual of, relating to, or exhibiting sexual attraction toward others of the same sex as oneself. [2 definitions]
homozygote an organism that has a single variant of a particular gene.
homozygous pertaining to an organism with a single variant of a particular gene.
homunculus a little human or dwarf; midget.
homy variant of homey.
Hon. abbreviation of "Honorable," a title of respect and consideration.
honcho (slang) a leader; boss; big shot.
Honduras a Central American country between Guatemala and Nicaragua.
hone a fine-textured whetstone used to sharpen knives, razors, and other cutting tools. [5 definitions]
honest truthful or sincere. [4 definitions]
honestly in an honest manner; openly; forthrightly. [2 definitions]
honest-to-goodness (informal) true; actual; authentic.
honesty the fact or condition of being honest; integrity; truthfulness. [2 definitions]
honey a thick, sweet, yellowish or brownish fluid made from flower nectar by bees. [6 definitions]
honeybee a bee, often kept in beehives, that makes honey from the nectar of flowers.
honeycomb a structure of beeswax having many small, six-sided, thin-walled cells in which bees store their honey. [4 definitions]
honeydew a sweet, sticky substance that various insects such as aphids deposit on plant leaves. [2 definitions]
honeydew melon a melon having smooth light-green rind and esp. sweet, green flesh.
honeyed endearing, flattering, or ingratiating; sugary. [3 definitions]