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hornet any of several large stinging insects that live in colonies and build large, round, papery nests; wasp.
hornless combined form of horn.
horn of plenty see "cornucopia."
hornpipe a musical wind instrument whose mouthpiece and bell are usu. made of ox horn. [3 definitions]
hornworm the caterpillar of any of several hawk moths, which has a thornlike projection on the rear segment.
hornwort any of several aquatic plants that have whorled leaves and unisexual flowers.
horny having horns or hornlike projections. [4 definitions]
horologe any device used for keeping time, such as a sundial or clock.
horologist one who is expert in the study of time or timepieces. [2 definitions]
horology the science or study of measuring time. [2 definitions]
horoscope a diagram of the relative positions of the stars, planets, and signs of the zodiac at a particular moment, as at the moment of someone's birth, used by astrologers to predict events. [2 definitions]
horrendous horrible; dreadful; hideous.
horrible causing or tending to cause a feeling of horror; dreadful. [2 definitions]
horrid causing or tending to cause horror; dreadful; hideous. [2 definitions]
horrific causing terror; dreadful; horrifying.
horrified feeling intense fear, shock, or revulsion.
horrify to cause feelings of horror in; frighten, shock, or appall.
horrifying causing extreme fright or revulsion.
horror an overpowering and painful feeling of fear, shock, dread, or revulsion. [5 definitions]
horror-struck overwhelmed by horror or fright.
hors de combat (French) out of action; no longer able to fight; disabled.