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hospitalization insurance insurance held by an individual or family which pays for expenses incurred due to hospital stays and treatment.
hospitalize to place in a hospital for medical treatment or surgery.
host1 a person who provides hospitality such as food, entertainment, or lodging for guests. [5 definitions]
host2 a very large number of people or things.
host3 (usu. cap.) the bread or wafer consecrated as the body of Jesus Christ in Christian communion rituals.
hostage someone held prisoner by one person or group in an attempt to persuade or force another person or group to satisfy certain conditions or meet certain demands.
hostel an inexpensive shelter, esp. for young people who are traveling. [3 definitions]
hosteler one who stays at hostels when traveling.
hostelry an inn or hotel.
hostess a woman who serves as a host. [3 definitions]
hostile of or relating to an enemy or antagonist. [3 definitions]
hostility the state of being unfriendly or antagonistic. [3 definitions]
hostler a person who cares for horses, esp. at an inn. [2 definitions]
hot holding or giving off great heat. [11 definitions]
hot air (informal) empty or exaggerated speech or writing.
hot-air balloon a bag made of thin material that is inflated with hot air, causing it to rise and float in the atmosphere. Large hot-air balloons can be attached to a basket or gondola, and used to transport people or equipment.
hotbed a bed of soil, usu. heated by fermenting manure and covered by glass, used to protect sensitive plants or to grow plants out of season. [2 definitions]
hot-blooded easily aroused or angered; excitable. [2 definitions]
hotbox a metal bearing and its housing, as on a railroad car, that have been overheated by excessive friction of an axle.
hot-button producing strong feelings; emotionally charged.
hot cake a pancake.